Brian Dawson and Kohsuke Kawaguchi – A Server-Side Chat: 10 Years of DevOps and Beyond

October 28, 2020


Join CloudBees’ Brian Dawson for a discussion with Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Launchable Inc. and creator of the pioneering Jenkins project. In January, it will be 10 years since the Jenkins project started on the road to becoming not only the most widely adopted CI/CD solution, but a project which helped pioneer pipeline as code, containers as a core aspect of the CD process and much more. Kohsuke and Brian will review some of the milestone developments in the Jenkins and DevOps community over the past 10 years, and discuss how that will inform the next 10 years of DevOps. Learn about the emergence of GitOps, data-driven DevOps, Software Delivery Automation and AI and how they will all impact your future.

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