Transitioning from Your MySQL System to a Time Series Database

February 14, 2020


We are always looking for ways to make our solutions work better and smarter. We accomplish this by tracking the performance of each of the components underlying our solution. All this critical performance data has a timestamp and a value — also known as time series data. If this important time-stamped data is at the heart of initiatives to keep things performant, why are we entrusting this data to an ordinary relational database?

In this webinar, Jason Sewell, Co-Founder & Business Development at Sudokrew, and Tony Gaskell, Full Stack Developer at Sudokrew will present why you should use a time series database (TSDB) for your important time series data and not one of the traditional datastores you may have used in the past. They will discuss how time series databases are built with specific workloads and requirements in mind, including the ability to ingest millions of data points per second; to perform real-time queries across these large data sets in a non-blocking manner; to downsample and evict high-precision low-value data; to optimize data storage to reduce storage costs; and to perform complex time-bound queries to extract meaningful insight from the data. These are all capabilities that you would have to build yourself when using a traditional database.

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Guest(s): Jason Sewell
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