Using Measurement and Reporting in Information Security to Drive Behavior Among Developers and Beyond

February 13, 2020


Presenter: Omar Khawaja – Highmark Health
Hosted by: Hasan Yasar – CMU
One formidable Information security challenge lies driving people to behave in certain desired (secure!) ways. One key to accomplishing this is to measure and report the right data sets to the right audience. It depends on organizational risk, business needs, collected data. Subsequently, how should the outcomes of measured data be shared with developers? It has be timely, in a digestible format and aligned to principles of DevSecOps. You may have great development environment, process and perhaps a very talented team with tremendous data, but when the data does not resonate your dev team, the desired behavior is unlikely. I will explain our early progress and plans at Highmark Health as we pursue our DevSecOps journey in earnest.

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Guest(s): Omar Khawaja
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