SRE Journey: Pushing Change to an Organization – The SRE Show EP 9

December 20, 2022

SRE adoption requires more cultural, processes and mindset changes than technical changes. Embracing a culture that accepts failures, facilitates blamelessness and prioritizes automation is critical for implementing SRE principles. However, these changes can’t be made without the support and buy-in from leadership.

Hosts Mitch Ashley and Austin Parker are joined by our panel of experts Paige Cruz (Chronosphere) and Starlight Romero (Flatiron Health) to discuss the key changes organizations need to address, as well as the social and technical challenges faced when adopting SRE principles and practices.

In this episode, you’ll learn which principles need to be in place at each stage of your SRE journey, what a mature SRE implementation looks like, how to onboard new SREs and how to empower your team to create scalable and highly reliable software systems.

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