Observability: An SRE Perspective – The SRE Show Ep 6

October 1, 2022

In the context of site reliability engineering (SRE), observability goes beyond metrics, logs and traces. It is more than just application-level monitoring. Observability is about the process of creating scalable and highly reliable software systems and getting continuous feedback on how to improve these complex systems.

In this episode, host Mitch Ashley is joined by Adriana Villela (Lightstep) Ana Margarita Medina (Lightstep) Vince Huang (Grafana Labs) and Jacob Plicque (Fanatics, Inc.) to define observability from a SRE standpoint, discuss why observability is so important for SREs in particular and look into some of the observability tools used to create and improve SRE best practices.

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Categories: The SRE Show
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