Finding the Heart of SRE – How to Build an Empathetic SRE Practice – The SRE Show EP 10

February 6, 2023

Building reliable software is not an easy task, and the work SREs do can be very demanding and stressful. How do we protect the humans that support our systems? How can we ensure reliable systems without neglecting the needs of reliable humans?

High-performing organizations prioritize their people and create a psychologically safe environment for their teams to experiment, innovate, learn and grow. It’s also important for team members to support each other. These are key steps to developing an empathetic practice — whether it’s SRE or otherwise.

Hosts Mitch Ashley and Austin Parker are joined by a panel of experts, Adriana Villela (LightStep) Paige Cruz (Chronosphere) and Stephen Townsend (SquaredUp) to discuss the importance of training SREs to lead with empathy and how to build a blameless post-mortem culture in an organization.

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