Establishing an SRE Practice from the Ground Up – The SRE Show EP 7

October 9, 2022

SRE implementation doesn’t happen overnight and it can be a challenging task, especially for new and upcoming startups. Some organizations adopt SRE based on the Google model, but small businesses and startups can’t really follow this model. So, how do they build an SRE process from the ground up?

Join hosts Mitch Ashley (Techstrong) and Austin Parker (LightStep), and hear from our panel of experts Ana Margarita Medina (Lightstep), Adriana Villela (Lightstep), Jason Harley (Honeycomb) and Ibrahim Buamod (Calix) as they discuss the mindset, prerequisites and SRE principles you need to kickstart your SRE journey and how to scale your SRE practices along with your business.

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Categories: The SRE Show
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