DevOps, SRE and Observability – Three Sides of the Same Coin – The SRE Show EP 5

September 11, 2022

Observability is a crucial element in modern software development practices, such as DevOps and SRE. But, what makes SRE and observability inseparable?

Observability provides critical performance and activity data that SREs need to better understand complex systems and empowers them to respond effectively to any existing problems. In this episode, hosts Mitch Ashley and Austin Parker are joined by Ana Margarita Medina (LightStep), Andreas Grabner (Dynatrace), Jessica Kerr ( and Michael Kehoe (Confluent) to discuss:

-The relationship between observability and SRE
-How observability can help SREs build more reliable applications
-How combining chaos engineering and observability allows engineers to expose unknown issues that impact how their systems respond to failure

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