Winning With Applied AI: What Business Leaders Need to Know | The Six Five Summit

July 8, 2024

As businesses attempt to harness the power of generative AI (GenAI), there are multiple paths leaders can take to gain a competitive edge. While AI infrastructure and model development are getting a lot of airtime, building these from scratch is a huge investment. There is a fast track to winning if you take advantage of the massive untapped opportunity at the fingertips of employees everywhere. In this session, Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader shares insights on the potential of GenAI for business users, including: How anyone can use AI to deliver more impactful business results — without technical knowledge or upskilling. What you can do to educate and empower your teams to make the most of GenAI — from assistants like Amazon Q to applied AI within your enterprise apps. Why the curious will win in today’s business environment — and what will give you an edge.

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