Fostering Mainframe Education Resources for the Future – The Open Mainframe EP 24

September 7, 2023

Mainframes still form the foundation of many critical industries today: banking, finance, travel and government, to name just a few. There are billions of lines of code currently running on mainframes that, in one way or another, need to be maintained or modernized as the pool of developers skilled in mainframe technology shrinks. But how can you foster a culture of learning and innovation and ensure this valuable knowledge and these educational resources are handed down to the next generation of mainframe developers? The answer is simple — Mainframe Open Education (MOE).

Mainframe Open Education is a community partnership that focuses on ‘open sourcing’ mainframe learning roadmaps and community knowledge transfer. The mission is to offer all mainframe users a platform to cultivate skill onboarding that is most critical to future hires and to allow for knowledge sharing and community contribution.

In this episode of The Open Mainframe, hosts Alan Shimel and John Mertic are joined by leaders J.J. Lovett (Broadcom), Viviane Sanches (Kyndryl), Paul Newton (IBM) and Tiiso Senosha (Open Mainframe Mentor). This panel discussion will provide an overview of the Mainframe Open Education initiative. We will review the milestones since inception, discuss new badges and mentorship program opportunities and talk about what’s to come in mainframe education.

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