Do Linux Distributions Work Together? They Do Now! – The Open Mainframe EP 16

November 28, 2022

What do AlmaLinux, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Red Hat, Rocky Linux, SUSE and Ubuntu have in common? They are all Linux distributions, sure, but wait–there’s more! Now, thanks to Open Mainframe Project’s Linux Distributions Working Group, they all work closely together toward a common goal: To oversee the health and maintenance of the s390x port of various Linux distributions to ensure that the s390x remains a supported mainframe architecture for them all. The working group will collaborate on major concerns and achievements that the distributions share with respect to the s390x mainframe architecture and work together to support new contributors and make sure they have everything they need to continue building on, supporting and maintaining this important infrastructure.

In this episode, Hosts Alan Shimel and John Mertic are joined by working group members Elizabeth K. Joseph (IBM), Sarah Julia Kriesch (Accenture), Dr. Ulrich Weigand (IBM) and Jack Aboutboul (AlmaLinux) to learn more about why this port was needed, how it’s going and what the future holds for Linux on the mainframe.

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Categories: The Open Mainframe
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