2023 Predictions – Increased Security and Hands-on Training – The Open Mainframe EP 18

February 7, 2023

While you might think of the mainframe as a relic from an earlier computing era, these mega machines still play a role inside large institutions running intensive workloads. The Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe project currently has more than 20 projects and working groups, and over the last few years has successfully built many open source tools and technologies for Linux mainframes. The community has been an integral part of introducing a new generation of developers to mainframes and helping users overcome common development issues.
Open Mainframe continues to be an innovative pipeline that enables companies to gain the most from their mainframe, to drive new mainframe innovations and make mainframe technology and use more accessible for everyone. In this episode, our panel of experts will discuss the milestones met by the project last year and what to expect in 2023, including increased security and hands-on training. You’ll hear from leaders of a few of Open Mainframe’s most popular projects including the COBOL Programming Course, Mentorship Program and Zowe.

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Categories: The Open Mainframe
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