AI Predictions for 2023 – The AI Times EP 2

February 2, 2023

After years of slow and steady progress, AI made some massive leaps in 2022. It turned into a breakout year for industrialized AI, with generative AI models like DALLE-2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion bursting onto the scene and seeing astonishingly rapid progress. Now that 2023 has begun, what will the new year have in store for us all? Are we about to hit a wall or will we have another year of blazingly fast progress in generative AI, continual learning, robotics and more? Hosts Mike Vizard (Techstrong) and Lee Baker (AIIA) are joined by Dan Jeffries (AIIA), William Falcon (Lightning AI) and Mitch Ashley (Techstrong Research) for a lively look ahead at the coming year.

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Categories: The AI Times
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