Techstrong Gang – June 27, 2024

June 27, 2024

In today’s Techstrong Gang, Techstrong CEO Alan Shimel is joined by fellow gang members Mitch Ashley, Jon Swartz, Lisa Martin and Bonnie Schneider. The gang discusses the recent actions by the EU against Microsoft around bundling Teams as part of Office 365.

Next up, the gang looks at the recent renaming of VMware Vshpere to Cloud Foundation and other VMware news. Next is a new analysis on Nvidia’s claims around sustainability and energy consumption by our EcoTech Insights analyst and editor, Bonnie Schneider.

Finally, we have a ROELBOB piece by Bob Reselman. Ever wonder what the Tech Bros, who have made a lot of money in technology, do with it all? Bob Reselman does. In fact, he thinks that buying big mansions and islands in the Caribbean is just the low-hanging fruit. He thinks there’s more to be had.

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