AI Integration Without Upheaval with Bill Bensing at Techstrong Con 2024

May 23, 2024

It’s easy to feel like we need to reinvent the wheel within our organizations to keep up in an era where AI feels like a tidal wave poised to revolutionize every corner of the tech landscape. But what if the key to embracing AI isn’t a sweeping overhaul but the foundations we already have? This session invites you to a journey that demystifies integrating AI into your organization without turning your operational world upside down.

Whether you’re steering the ship as a CEO, crafting code as a developer, or architecting solutions, this session speaks your language. It’s designed for a broad audience – from the guardians of governance and management mavens to the visionaries of the C-suite, Digital CxO leaders, and IT all-rounders.

We’ll explore why embracing AI doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your current operation strategies. Instead, we’ll dive into how the pillars of good data governance—think data provenance, pedigree, and the classic duo of authentication and authorization—are surprisingly your best allies in welcoming AI into your realm.

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