Digital Transformation Gets Real – Techstrong Con 2023

April 16, 2023

During this panel, participants will discuss the IT challenges organizations encounter as digital business transformation initiatives move beyond theory.
-What do we know now about digital transformation now that we wish we knew when we first started?
-Did we re-engineer processes or simply put a digital front end on a paper-based process?
-Are organizations narrowing their focus to fewer initiatives?
-What impact will AI have?
-How has the role of IT evolved in the era of digital business transformation?
-Is the way we build and deploy software broken given our transformation goals?
-Do we take security seriously enough yet or are we simply engaged in risk arbitrage?
-Do we understand how interconnected security issues are, given all the dependencies that exist?
-What impact will privacy regulations have on digital business transformation?
-Who is in charge of digital business transformation within organizations?
-What’s your best advice?

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