AI-Assisted Development and Cloud-Native – Techstrong Con 2023

April 16, 2023

AI is already playing a role in software development, testing and deployment as well as security. The questions we should be asking are how to make it effective, efficient and developer-friendly. AI-assisted or AI-guided development is already here in tools like GitHub Copilot, and Microsoft Intellisense which can insert code snippets using AI/ML to speed up development. Generative AI is also used to create and run software tests and it is used in security tools to identify software vulnerabilities. In this session, Mitch Ashley, Tracy Ragan and Donald Lutz talk about the impact of AI and generative AI on software development, the move to AI-created code or code snippets, and explore whether AI-assisted or AI-created code is more adaptable to microservices-based applications and distributed code elements versus non-cloud-native architectures.

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