C. O’Hanlon, J. Minella, C. Wong, L. Plaggemier, Why Diversity Matters in Cybersecurity – Techstrong Con 2022

July 25, 2022

It’s well-established that the cybersecurity talent gap is real, with 2.7 million jobs open internationally, according to (ISC)2. Yet, women and minorities comprise an alarmingly low percentage of the cybersecurity workforce, with no signs of improvement. Despite the proven benefits of diversity—including different perspectives and closing the employment gap—cybersecurity continues to be viewed as a stereotypical male role. What can be done to erase the biases and create a more diverse cybersecurity workforce?
In this panel discussion, we’ll look at the many facets of building a diverse cybersecurity workforce, including:
-Changing the narrative regarding gender and cultural stereotypes
-Breaking the barriers and building bridges through mentoring and other inclusionary programs
-Encouraging diversity in all areas of an organization, not just cybersecurity

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