The Human Side of Digital Transformation with Kamales Lardi – Tech.Strong.Women. EP 16

March 9, 2023

Business leaders tend to underestimate the one factor that could make or break digital transformation: the human factor. But underneath all the talk about new and emerging technologies like blockchain, ChatGPT, the metaverse and other, is people. In this episode of Tech.Strong.Women., Kamales Lardi, author of “The Human Side of Digital Business Transformation,” talks with hosts Jodi Ashley and Tracy about the need for technology leadership to embrace qualities that were traditionally seen as “weaknesses” like empathy, vulnerability, authenticity and open communications skills and how those translate to empowering leadership and drive more successful digital transformation. Lardi also talks about how the focus on the “digital” piece of digital transformation is not sufficient without equal focus on “transformation,” and why the younger generation of tech and business professionals are better equipped to tackle these challenges.

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Guest(s): Kamales Lardi
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