Tech. Strong. Women. EP 13 – Let’s Talk Marketing

January 12, 2023

Far from being ‘fluff’, marketing (and especially technology marketing) is one of the most important functions within a tech company. Marketing professionals are on the front lines of customer and user engagement, taking technical concepts and making them easy to understand. In this episode, our hosts Jodi Ashley (Techstrong) and Tracy Ragan (Deployhub) are joined by Heidi Gilmore, Office of the CMO at Stackstate. The panel talks candidly about marketing in the tech industry, how important marketing professionals are to delivering education and value and dispels the myth that Marketing is “fluffy.” They’ll discuss the importance of avoiding hype and being open about your offerings and explain why companies without a solid marketing function are dead in the water. Finally, the panel talks about solid messaging as the cornerstone of the marketing process, and why it should be clear, simple and convey to the audience what is important for them to hear.

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Guest(s): Heidi Gilmore
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