A Conversation with Jamie Thomas from IBM – Tech.Strong.Women. EP 17

March 23, 2023

Technology isn’t immune to external geopolitical factors–from investments in AI to the dependency on Asian chip manufacturing, IT is front and center on the global political stage. Even seemingly unrelated events can have a direct impact on the software and hardware products we develop and consume. In this episode of Tech.Strong.Women, Jamie Thomas, IBM general manager of strategy, development and CISO, talks with Techstrong Group’s Jodi Ashley and Tracy Ragan about the very real concerns businesses face in both hardware manufacturing and software development. Jamie shares her insights into what the future looks like in an interdependent world, IBM’s unique response to dealing with COVID-19 and critical areas that every business should consider in a turbulent geopolitical landscape. Jamie also talks about her work as the chairperson of the OpenSSF, her work with the Biden administration and how Log4j started an entirely new conversation around securing the open source software supply chain.

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Guest(s): Jamie Thomas
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