Redefining Cloud Threat Detection with Anna Belak | SecOps Vision 2024

December 9, 2023

In today’s cloud-centric landscape, rapid and agile threat detection is paramount, with cloud attacks often occurring in less than 10 minutes. This necessitates a shift in security operations thinking, embracing the “distributed, immutable, ephemeral” mindset. This presentation introduces the 555 Benchmark, an innovative approach to cloud threat detection and incident response, with a goal of detecting signals in five seconds, triaging high-fidelity alerts in five minutes and responding within five minutes. Drawing insights from threat research conducted by Sysdig, Orca Security and CrowdStrike, we explore the urgency of this benchmark and its significance in securing cloud environments effectively.

In this presentation, ex-Gartner analyst Anna Belak, Sysdig’s director, Office of Cybersecurity Strategy, shares the 555 Benchmark framework and what key approaches to use.

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Categories: SecOps Vision 2024
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