Amol Kulkarni, CrowdStrike | RSA Conference 2022

June 30, 2022

Amol Kulkarni, chief product and engineering officer at CrowdStrike, joins Alan Shimel at RSA to briefly discuss DevOps culture and make several big product announcements. Amol shares that CrowdStrike has introduced Asset Graph to give organizations a 360-degree view into all assets by dynamically monitoring and tracking complex interactions among assets, thereby providing a more holistic view of the risks those assets pose. The first Falcon module to use Asset Graph is Falcon Discover. Secondly, Amol discusses CrowdStrike’s acquisition of Humio, which will allow data to be moved from Falcon to Humio for Falcon, making long-term retention easier. Alan and Amol also provide insight into XDR and its benefits, and the news that CrowdStrike recently implemented the response part of XDR with its Falcon Fusion, which is now built into the Falcon platform. Additionally, Amol mentions CrowdStrike’s three new partners: Menlo Security, Vectra AI and Ping Identity.

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Guest(s): Amol Kulkarni
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