Alex Marshall, Twingate | RSA Conference 2022

June 29, 2022

Alex Marshall, chief product officer of Twingate, joins Mitch Ashley at RSA to share what Twingate does and discuss zero-trust principles. Twingate provides effective security solutions that are easy to use and that make implementing zero-trust principles simple. Mitch and Alex also discuss the need to go beyond just shifting left to integrating automation into security measures. Alex explains how Twingate stands out by tying together integrations with the various methods people use to secure corporate devices, which aids in determining levels of access, if any, to grant. Alex and Mitch also discuss their takeaways from the RSA conference, including the number of companies in the security space and the growing need for solutions, as well as the difficulties buyers experience when trying to determine who they should go to for their security needs.

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Guest(s): Alex Marshall
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