Unified Platforms and Multi-Layered Measures with Utpal UJ Desai | Qualys QSC23

December 21, 2023

Utpal UJ Desai, senior director for product management for Endpoint Security, sheds light on the current landscape of Endpoint Security. Desai highlights the ongoing trend of consolidation in cybersecurity tools, emphasizing the need for a unified platform approach rather than relying on multiple standalone tools. The conversation addresses challenges associated with excessive security agents on endpoints, emphasizing the importance of compatibility and information correlation for effective incident response. Desai discusses the evolving nature of threats, including ransomware and credential theft, and emphasizes the role of multi-layered security measures, such as Qualys’ approach using URL analysis, behavioral technology, host-based and network-based detection.

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Guest(s): Utpal UJ Desai
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