Centralizing Risk Management in Cybersecurity with Mehul Revankar | Qualys QSC 2023

December 14, 2023

At Qualys Security Conference 2023,  Mehul Revankar and Mike Vizard address the challenges arising from the proliferation of cybersecurity tools in organizations. With an average of 70 tools per organization generating diverse data, there’s a need for centralized risk management. Qualys responded to this by introducing a risk quantification capability, enabling transparent risk prioritization. The focus shifted towards creating a unified platform that aggregates and normalizes data from multiple sources. The goal is to provide a concise, prioritized list of risks while ensuring interoperability with existing tools, streamlining the risk reduction process. The interview underscores the importance of effective communication about cyber risks, bridging the gap between technical details and business impact.

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Guest(s): Mehul Revankar
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