The Year of AI-Powered Federated DevOps and Security Data | Predict 2024

February 15, 2024

Federating DevOps and security data for AI represents a pivotal convergence of two critical domains in the realm of technology and software development. The DevOps community has significantly improved DevOps over the past few years, generating critical information about how software is assembled. On the other hand, security is paramount in safeguarding digital assets and ensuring data integrity. By harmonizing these domains through a federated data store, organizations have a future where they can use AI to identify vulnerabilities and threats in real-time proactively. This synergy enables the proactive detection and mitigation of security risks without impeding the DevOps pipeline. If you are interested in ML/AI, cybersecurity and DevOps, this session will cover:

· Integration of DevOps and security data for AI/ML

· Incorporating evidence gathering in the pipeline

· Managing data to create a holistic view of an organization’s security profile

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