SLOconf – Kit Merker, Nobl9

May 4, 2023

SLOconf is the only event dedicated to the practice and application of SLOs. The event features industry leaders in SRE, DevOps, and software engineering and is open to all. Join Kit Merker, Nobl9 chief growth officer, for a panel discussion to explore how SLOs help to pursue customer happiness, the hidden tax affecting your uptime SLO, how SLICK: SLO Reviews at Meta works, and why AWS is sponsoring SLOconf. Panelists includes: Sergey Siderov, software engineer at Meta, Frances Zhao-Perez, industry expert, Greg Arnette, co-founder & CPO of CloudTruth, Imaya Kumar Jagannathan, principal solutions architect at AWS.
SLOconf is happening May 15-18, 2023. Register today at

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Categories: Interviews
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