PlatformCon 2023 Preview – Brian Douglas, Open Sauced, Jay Pathak, Razorpay, & Susa Tünker, Humanitec

May 22, 2023

Platform engineering is one of the most sought-after skill sets in today’s high-tech industry. PlatformCon 2023, June 8 & 9, brings DevOps and platform engineering leaders on one virtual stage. PlatformCon speakers Brian Douglas (Open Sauced), Jay Pathak (Razorpay) and Susa Tünker (Humanitec) share the inspirations behind their respective talks, the exciting community happening through PlatformCon, and how platform engineering is evolving and changing how we think about operations, development, SRE and DevOps. Register for PlatformCon 2023 at

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