DevOps World London – Belonging and Intersectionality – Cheryl Razzell, AWS and Lauren Langdell, Women in DevOps

November 16, 2023

During DevOps World London 2023, Dec. 5, Cheryl Razzell (head of compute / UK & Ireland, AWS) and Lauren Langdell (founder & global community director, Women in DevOps) are members of a panel titled: “Belonging in DevOps: The Importance of Intersectionality.” Lauren and Cheryl discuss topics planned for the panel, including intersectionality and the different types of intersectionality organizations often overlook. The discussion includes tips, advice and best practices for tech professionals hoping to implement intersectional goals and make tangible organizational changes. Additional topics include focusing the lens on internationality as a whole, embracing cultural identities and what it means for an organization, tokenism and ways to overcome this, systemic changes in recruitment practices, the mindset required to manage an intersectional team, and how to get started and maintain diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) goals. Visit

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