Defeating Secrets Sprawl: The Power of Vaultless Secrets Management – Oded Hareven, Akeyless Security

September 12, 2023

The move to the cloud, the dominance of containerization in development and new DevOps methodology have led to a rise in machines – including processes, scripts, applications and containers and databases, among others. These machines require authentication and authorization continuously via secrets (credentials, certificates and keys) and must be continuously accessible. These secrets have consequently been embedded in vulnerable code, scripts, configuration files and CI/CD tools – which is generally called “secrets sprawl.” This sprawl has led to a rise of increasingly prominent hacks and leaks. While secrets vaults were introduced to solve this problem, these vaults are unwieldy, and their complexity can further contribute to sprawl. A remedy is vaultless secrets management: SaaS-based, deployment-free, efficient and scalable. Akeyless’ Vaultless™ approach and DFC™ technology offers this solution, tailored to modern development. Oded explains the role of vaultless secrets management within a multi-layered security approach against emerging digital threats.

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Guest(s): Oded Hareven
Categories: Interviews
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