Cyber Kill Chain – William Bain, ScaleOut Software

June 28, 2021


Cybersecurity solutions do a good job of monitoring across attack vectors, but fall short on being able to spot trends and provide real-time communication throughout a cyber kill chain in the moment. However, a new software technique for streaming analytics called “real-time digital twins” might be the answer to this problem. This technique enables applications to analyze data in motion in milliseconds from thousands of data sources, such as individual agents. In addition, in-memory streaming analytics can continuously aggregate and visualize results from real-time digital twins to identify emerging trends and boost situational awareness. This approach could alert security professionals to act at the beginning of the cyber kill chain before it is too late.
Dr. William Bain, Founder & CEO of ScaleOut Software can speak to the above and how this new software technique can help identify kill chain issues in real-time.

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Guest(s): William Bain
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