Batch Data to Real Time Revolution, Arjun Narayan – Materialize

August 8, 2022

Arjun and Alan discuss the batch data to real-time revolution, and how companies of all sizes, not just hyperscalers, are positioned to take advantage of it. The still-accelerating migration of data and compute from on-prem to the cloud has opened companies’ eyes to a new world of performance and innovation. But even with all of this advancement, batch data processing is still allowed to impede application speed and scale. The batch-to-real-time revolution is fully underway by the hyperscalers but just beginning in enterprises broadly. Arjun can explain how, when, where and why it will happen fastest, how it will be accelerated by developers and data analysis practitioners, and how companies will reap the benefits with maximum ease.

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Guest(s): Arjun Narayan
Categories: Interviews
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