AI-Powered DevSecOps for the Enterprise – Derek Holt,

July 27, 2023

What is it? AI-powered DevSecOps for the enterprise is not just another innovation; it is the catalyst for scaling and accelerating innovation across the enterprise. It is the fusion of three AI capabilities that until now have been implemented ad-hoc in the development and delivery lifecycle: AI-powered software delivery workflows, AI based code governance, and Predictive Intelligence. How it is unique? AI-Powered DevSecOps for the enterprise is the first holistic approach to creating efficient, automated, intelligent, continuous software delivery processes for developers and teams of teams, across the enterprise. Leveraging leading-edge AI-based capabilities and implementing them at enterprise scale, it exponentially
increases the opportunities for transforming DevSecOps into new sources of business value and competitive advantages.

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Guest(s): Derek Holt
Categories: Interviews
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