2022 Observability Forecaset Report – Peter Pezaris, New Relic

September 19, 2022

New Relic published the 2022 Observability Forecast report, which captures insights into the current state of observability and its growth potential. As IT environments become more complex and cloud-based, the research found technology professionals have bold plans to ramp up observability capabilities to get ahead of issues that could impact customer service and application security. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said C-suite executives in their organization are advocates of observability, and more than three-quarters of respondents (78%) saw observability as a key enabler for achieving core business goals, which implies that observability has become a board-level imperative.

Visit https://newrelic.com/observability-forecast/2022/state-of-observability to view the report

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Guest(s): Peter Pezaris
Categories: Interviews
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