Milliseconds Matter for Instant Digital Experiences | Digital CxO Summit

October 3, 2023

Global enterprises face exceptional challenges in today’s age of real-time. The acceleration of online services and evolving customer behaviors have propelled the need for seamless, instant digital experiences – dependent on real-time data delivered in less than a millisecond. From personalized banking to online shopping, decisions need to be made based on data from a multitude of sources in a variety of data formats. This session will highlight some strategies of organizations that have met rising consumer expectations by simplifying and modernizing their application architecture with an in-memory multi-model data platform – without disrupting their legacy data systems.
Key Takeaways:
– Increasing digital experiences and adoption of microservices exposes legacy data systems
– Multi-model in-memory data layers expedite frictionless experiences, provide efficient analytics, and power generative AI apps, without adding complexity into enterprise architectures
– Deployment flexibility is key to successful cloud migration, hybrid cloud implementations and successful Kubernetes automation

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Host: Henry Tam
Categories: Digital CxO Summit
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