Generative AI and the Data Revolution | Digital CxO Summit

October 3, 2023

The enterprise is experiencing a tectonic shift and increased pressure on innovation budgets due to economic headwinds – IT leaders are looking to understand their priorities in moving toward key transformation initiatives or risk being left in the dust by competitors or leaner startups. With all eyes on generative AI, the sheer volume and velocity required to build, train and operate these models requires a robust IT architecture that extends beyond legacy platforms making today’s investments critical in creating the foundation for the next decade of growth and progress toward sustainable tech practices (e.g., power and cooling). In this session, Shawn Rosemarin, VP of research and development for customer engineering at Pure Storage, will discuss how generative AI will impact storage requirements and the opportunities and challenges of generative AI across industries to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Top 3 Takeaways:
-Why the industry needs to modernize its data infrastructure to build, operate, and train generative AI models
-The impact generative AI and other emerging technologies have on the storage market – as it can strain compute, network, and storage
-How to keep sustainability top-of-mind as IT leaders look to scale their infrastructure and the dynamics of their data center environments

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Categories: Digital CxO Summit
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