Bridging Quantitative and Qualitative Digital Experience Testing with AI | Digital CxO Summit

October 3, 2023

Digital user experiences are a mainstay of modern communication and commerce; multi-billion dollar industries have arisen around optimizing digital design. Usage analytics and A/B testing solutions allow growth hackers to quantitatively compute conversion over key user journeys, while user experience (UX) testing platforms enable UX researchers to qualitatively analyze usability and brand perception. Although these workflows are in pursuit of the same objective — producing better UX — the gulf between quantitative and qualitative testing is wide: They involve different stakeholders, and rely on disparate methodologies, budget, data streams and software tools. This gap belies the opportunity to create a single platform that optimizes digital experiences holistically: Using quantitative methods to uncover what and how much, and qualitative analysis to understand why.

Key Takeaways

The presentation titled “Bridging Quantitative and Qualitative Digital Experience Testing” will focus on helping attendees learn:

-How UX platforms can help monitor conversion funnels, identify anomalous behaviors, intercept live users exhibiting those behaviors, and solicit explicit feedback.
-How feedback can take many forms: Survey responses, screen recordings of participants performing tasks, think-aloud audio and more.
-Ways to use AI to combine data from multiple users and correlate that data across feedback types.
-How the platform can rank insights by how often the observed behavior occurred in the wild, using large-scale analytics to contextualize the results from small scale UX tests.

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