Ramesh Nuti & Kevin Sanyasi Naidoo | DigiCert Trust Summit 2023

October 31, 2023

Ramesh Nuti, founder & CEO of Acmetek Global Solutions Inc, and Kevin Sanyasi Naidoo, co-founder, business development & engineering of Acmetek Global Solutions Inc., discuss their company, AcmeTech, a Gold and Platinum Elite Partner of DigiCert. Ramesh and Kevin stress the urgency of staying ahead of technological changes, particularly in fields like PKI, post-quantum cryptography, and generative AI, while educating customers and partners about the need to prepare for these shifts. They highlight the role of partners in helping customers adhere to best security practices and ensuring their operational infrastructure aligns with industry standards. The episode underscores the importance of ongoing communication and support to adapt to the ever-changing digital security landscape and maintain trust in technology.

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