The Rings of Software: DevOps, SRE and Platform Engineering – DevOps Unbound EP 37

June 19, 2023

What does the rise of platform engineering bring to the table for DevOps and SRE? Or is it simply the next evolutionary step of DevOps? Despite some confusion about mission and responsibility, there are key differences between these roles, and there’s a need for all three across the SDLC. Platform engineers, SREs and DevOps teams have shared goals and methodologies, and they all play a role in optimizing the software creation and delivery process. Host Mitch Ashley is joined by our panel of experts: Tim Banks (Dell), Adrianna Villela (Lightstep), Bryan Cole (Tricentis) and Taylor Pechacek (Atlassian) as they explore the differences between DevOps, platform engineering and SRE, the most common misconceptions and how to mitigate them and how platform engineering enables DevOps at scale.

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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