Test Less, Quality Over Quantity – DevOps Unbound EP 34

December 20, 2022

Most DevOps teams would agree that testing is an important component to ensure the delivery of high quality software. However, testing can also slow down the development process and increase costs. The challenge is to test less, but test smarter. Start by rethinking your testing approach. Focus on the importance of the functionality you’re testing, instead of the number of tests. You can achieve much higher risk coverage by testing a few critical requirements than you can by testing hundreds of trivial ones.

Join host Mitchell Ashley and our panel of experts Lee Atchison (Atchison Technology), Ixchel Ruiz (JFrog), Shawn Jacques (Tricentis) and Kristin Jackvony (Paylocity) as they discuss why a “test everything” approach is not feasible, what are the most important tests you should be focusing on and how to test less to increase the quality of your software.

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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