Standardizing DevOps – DevOps Unbound EP 18

August 11, 2021


“Standardizing DevOps – Does it foster or disrupt innovation?” Although everyone has their own definition of DevOps, it all comes down to creating better software faster, empowering development and operations teams, and delivering value to customers. However, there really isn’t a standard approach to DevOps. Should we standardize DevOps to introduce automation, avoid confusion and speed up the process? Will standardizing DevOps foster or disrupt innovation?
In this episode, hosts Alan Shimel and Mitch Ashley are joined by Jayne Groll from DevOps Institute, Paul Bruce from Tricentis and Sarah Baker from Airbnb to discuss the pros and cons of standardizing DevOps, the challenges of standardization and possible solutions.

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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