Shift Right Testing – Debunking the Myths of Shift-Right Testing – DevOps Unbound EP 32

October 25, 2022

Shift left has more than its fair share of admirers and advocates, as DevOps and DevSecOps initiatives aim to move responsibility for building and securing applications as early (or as far left) in the development life cycle as possible. But what about its more traditional (and much maligned) cousin, shift right? Shift right, or testing in production, was once taboo and is still discouraged by many. But testing in production is becoming a more common occurrence. The main goal of shift right testing is to spot and correct any issues that may not have been detected during the preceding development process. So, why does it have a bad reputation? Hosts Alan Shimel and Mitch Ashley are joined by Chris Riley (HubSpot), Nora Jones (Jeli) Paul Bruce (Tricentis) and Shamim Ahmed (Broadcom) as they debunk the myths of testing in production and discuss why it is important for your business. Join us to learn the truth about shift right testing best practices and trends for maintaining system integrity.

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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