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Hyperscale DevOps – DevOps Unbound EP 28

Hyperscale DevOps – DevOps Unbound EP 28


Hyperscale DevOps: How Do You Get There? Hyperscaling DevOps is the key to a successful digital transformation. Hyperscaling is a whole new game and it demands a new level of coordination, processes, tools and mindset. Is hyperscaling DevOps an attainable goal for your organization? Mitch Ashley is joined by Tracy Ragan (DeployHub), Parag Doshi (Tricentis) and Larry Maccherone (Contrast Security) as they discuss DevOps at hyperscale, enterprise scale versus startup scale, how to set up a hyperscale environment and how to test at hyperscale.

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Date: May 10, 2022
Categories: DevOps Unbound