Feature Flags and Microservices: Oil and Water or Vinaigrette – DevOps Unbound EP 31

September 12, 2022

As microservices increased in popularity, the previous uncertainty about feature flag use with cloud-native has been resolved. Feature flags have evolved from solely being used to toggle on license-based functionality to becoming a powerful tool for testing, experimenting and delivering software using DevOps, microservices and much more. But feature flags can introduce chaos and, if not managed properly for applications at scale, become our own worst enemy – introducing greater complexity.

Alan Shimel and Mitch Ashley are joined by Brian Dawson (RippleX), Hope Lynch (CloudBees) and Adam Kalsey (Tricentis) to debate what’s right, what’s wrong and what requires best practices when implementing feature flags, microservices and more. The panel also discusses the good and bad of managing feature flags at scale across large applications, multiple teams, product, testing and development.

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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