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DevOps Transformation – DevOps Unbound EP 21

DevOps Transformation – DevOps Unbound EP 21


Leading a DevOps Transformation – Lessons Learned – A DevOps transformation doesn’t simply happen overnight. The main challenge is changing the organization’s culture and purpose. In order to see results, IT leaders must empower the team and work together on the shared goal of delivering more value to the customer. How can you lead a successful DevOps transformation? Hosts Alan Shimel and Mitchell Ashley are joined by Gary Gruver (Gruver Consulting), William Berry (Tricentis) and Tracy Bannon (Mitre) as they introduce the best practices for a successful DevOps transformation and talk about the challenges and cultural changes that come with it. Gain insight into how these leaders engaged in a DevOps transformation as they talk about their journey and lessons learned.

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Date: November 9, 2021
Categories: DevOps Unbound


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