DevOps Got Me Through It – DevOps Unbound EP 22

December 17, 2021


“DevOps Got Me Through It” – Organizations all around the world went through an overnight digital transformation due to a worldwide pandemic and the shift to remote work. The businesses that embraced DevOps methodologies were able to pivot much faster with their digital strategy, allowing them to drive innovation, speed and adaptability, while providing greater value to their customers.
DevOps has helped businesses thrive during these uncertain times by bringing an agile mindset, tooling and processes, and fostering a collaborative culture that helps teams move faster while delivering high-quality software.
The bottomline is that we couldn’t have survived the impact of the pandemic and wouldn’t have been able to successfully speed up digital transformation without DevOps. Hosts Alan Shimel and Mitch Ashley are joined by Tracy Ragan (DeployHub), Brian Dawson (Linux Foundation) and Stephen Chin (JFrog) as they discuss how DevOps has helped their organizations grow and why DevOps is so essential for business.

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