DevOps Dojo -DevOps Unbound EP 27

April 26, 2022


Leveraging DevOps Dojos and Centers of Excellence (CoE) A DevOps Dojo is the place where DevOps teams come together for hands-on training in a collaborative, risk-free learning environment. DevOps Dojos and CoEs can improve automation and software development processes and enable teams to deliver higher-quality products. DevOps Dojos and CoEs create a knowledge and learning hub that boosts teamwork, improves communication and leads to the implementation of better processes and tools. Whether you are starting your career as a DevOps engineer or you are a seasoned professional, a DevOps CoE or a DevOps Dojo can help expand your knowledge, enhance your existing skills and help your organization maximize the potential of DevOps. In this episode, hosts Alan Shimel and Mitch Ashley are joined by Larry Maccharone (Contrast Security) and Shaaron Alvares (Salesforce) to discuss the benefits of DevOps Dojos and CoEs and offer insight on how to build your own DevOps Dojo.

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