DevOps Building Blocks Part 2: Power Up Your Automated Testing – DevOps Unbound EP 39

October 31, 2023

Automation is critical to DevOps success. Test automation accelerates and simplifies the software development process, empowering DevOps teams to deliver high-quality, secure and reliable products to market faster without sacrificing crucial debugging and troubleshooting processes. Automated testing minimizes the chance of human error, removes redundancy and increases collaboration between DevOps and QA teams. On the other hand, over-automating can also be counterproductive. So how much test automation is too much? How do you find a balance? And what tools should you use? Join host Mitch Ashley and a panel of distinguished DevOps and QA leaders Tracy Ragan (DeployHub), Martin Klaus (Tricentis) and Raju Chavan (T-mobile) to discuss:
– How automated testing empowers DevOps teams
– How to incorporate automated and continuous testing into your DevOps workflow
– How to scale automated testing
– How to choose the right tools to make test automation smooth and easy

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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