DevOps and Low-Code/No-Code: Develop, Test and Deploy – DevOps Unbound EP 36

March 14, 2023

Low-code/no-code and DevOps share the same goal—to deliver high-quality software faster while reducing costs. When it comes to testing, low-code/no-code test automation simplifies testing for QA teams, allows citizen developers and executives with less technical knowledge to build applications quickly and facilitates developers contributing to projects when their more technical or specialized skills are needed.

Mitch Ashley is joined by a panel of experts Simona Domazetoska (Tricentis), Nirankush Panchbhai (ServiceNow) and Clint Sprauve (Delphix) as they discuss why low-code/no-code and DevOps together accelerate innovation, create value quickly, increase developer productivity and create new business value.

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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